RW: The End of Programming?

Do you think the author makes a strong argument?

yes, I believe Matt Welsh has a strong argument that programming could become obselete. With each new advance in technology there is a loss of understanding as we become accustomed to that ability being automated. We see such habits going to the wayside with calling people, remembering information, and even basic tasks such as writing. Look at the project Maven, we have already started machine learning to identify personnel on full motion imagery, essentially eliminating the human error aspect.

Do you disagree with him in any way?

I do believe there will be a slight percentage that won’t be able to explored since we humans have yet to explore that knowledge. If we are training the AI to accomplish tasks that we already know it will take some time to go through every possibility until it can predict the scenario. Just as we advanced to this point in life, it will all take time before we find the information needed to improve.

How do you see tools like ChatGPT affecting the field of computer programming?

From what we saw in class ChatGPT is still in its younger stage when it comes to computer programming, with that being said, I would not be suprised if ChatGPT will gain more information to write more complex programs as the populace adds code to the openweb. It may be useful to write small programs that aren’t necessarily the main focus and aren’t given a ton of variables. As we have progressed in any coding language we started making things easier for ourselves to automate some processes such as java.util.scanner and java.time.LocalDateTime. Those alone cut down on a lot of coding that we would have to do if we wanted to write it all by hand.

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